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GainingGod - A Weight Gain Blog - From Skinny To Obese, Watch Us Grow - Real Life Weight Gain Stories
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Live blog about man and woman who gain weight and share their weight gain experience. Detailed information about the gaining process and how their bodies change. Reactions from their environment such as friends and coworkers as they gain weight. Detailed weight gain graphs and body part measurements. Before/After comparison pictures in many different poses. Movies and "Morphs" using the Before/After comparison images for a great impression of their weight gain. Subscribe to email updates below... Real Life Weight Gain Blogs - From Skinny To Obese, Watch Us Grow - Real Life Weight Gain Stories.

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GainerHog - Weight Gain Blog
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GainerHog - On 6/1/2011 2:09:38 AM GainerHog wrote (6/1/2011 2:10:03 AM) - Add A Comment
Subscribe to GainerHog RSS Feedhey everybody you gotta check out grommr here is the link and the activation code check it out it s a free gay gaining social network like facebook it is so awsome it has tons of gainers on it activation code 66cb56
GainerHog - the offical start of my gains (4/26/2011 5:54:59 PM) - Add A Comment
Subscribe to GainerHog RSS FeedI started out in my teens fascinated by men with large round fat hairy bellies and over time i searched for images and stories to learn more about this strange fetish i had and why

Soon when i was in my 20s i put on a few pounds i was 180 lbs when i first started then i grew to be 200 lbs and i liked the changes i saw and the stage was set for what i knew i would be one day a fat hog man the kinda man i was and am attracted to

From my mid 20's i went up to 220 lbs then 225 lbs then back to 220 lbs then up to 230 which i stayed at for what seemed like forever eventually i broke the 230 lb barrier and hit 235 lbs
at which time i thought finally i am starting to look fat and have a belly though my own internal shame and guilt held me at this weight for the longest time

In my late 20's i pushed myself forward and outward to 240 lbs and then i felt sorta fat and happy with it but still struggling with reactions and worried over others perceptions of my body it took me another 3 years to get to the point i didn't care what people thought or said not that people really had said much at all at this point

When i hit 29 i was bouncing up and down at 240 lbs to 245 lbs never quite breaking that barrier but always on the edge i would go up as far as 248 lbs and then back down to 240 lbs with out much motivation and determination on my own i gave up

when i turned 30 i started trying to gain again and did so with pardon the pun gut so and over the last year i hit 250 lbs

On 5/5/2011 6:31:21 PM GAINERJAMES65 wrote:
Really interested to read your story. Inspirational for a recent gainer like me. Looking to get a belly like you pretty soon. Keep gaining!

Regards James
Shout, Shout,...

uwsboi wrote:
back to gaining again after a long break - too long. I always get so excited my first time back, i'm almost shaking :)
5 years ago

protokute wrote:
Gaining God how's your progress?
5 years ago

GainingGod wrote:
Webmaster: Image upload is now fixed!
5 years ago

BhmLover4 wrote:
I just joined this site today, and I love all of the sexy fat men here *wink wink*
5 years ago

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